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1505 Woodside Road
Redwood City, CA, 94061
United States

650-701-SONG (7664)

Music Lessons and Music Classes. Piano, Violin, Cello, Voice, Guitar


What if I/my child needs to miss a lesson? 
MPMA has three sessions per year (Fall, Spring, Summer). Students are eligible for 2 make-up lessons per session with at least 24-hour notice. 1 emergency cancellation/make-up will be offered per session without 24-hour notice. 

What if my teacher cancels a lesson?
If your teacher needs to miss a lesson, MPMA will offer a sub teacher from our distinguished faculty. If a sub teacher cannot be arranged we will either reschedule your lesson with your teacher or offer a credit to your tuition.

Where are you located?
We are located at 2163 Roosevelt Ave. Redwood City, CA. We are located in the Roosevelt Shopping Center across from Key Market.

How do I sign up for a lesson?
If you are interested in music lessons at MPMA give us a call at 650-701-SONG or fill out Student Inquiry form under Contact Us. We will then contact you to set up a preliminary lesson. After the preliminary lesson you can enroll in weekly lessons and will be charged our registration fee. 

Where can I find an instrument?
There are a few music stores across the peninsula. Check out our Instruments page for links to a few.